NormShield Threatfeed Service

ThreatFeed provides an area where users can continuously collect and process cyber threat data. You can freely collect hundreds of fraudulent domains and blacklisted ip addresses per day that are defined as risky from our honeypot system.

Total Blacklisted Ip Address


Blacklisted ip addresses with our honeypot system

Total Verified Phishing Domains


Total verified phishing domains by NormShield

Total Possible Phishing Domains


Total candidate phishing domains detected by NormShield

NormShield Honeypot Service

NormShield has a number of servers spread around the world to collect threat data with honeypot system. We are collecting, consolidating and grouping hundreds of suspicious ip addresses every day.

Feed Date Ip Port Protocol Severity Country Attack Type

Verified Phishing Domains

Following domains are verified and marked as phishing domains by NormShield. These domains are checked with according to several items, such as content, ssl, domain name registrar, domain age etc.

Daily Possible Phishing Domains

Following domains are newly registered domains possibly for phishing attacks. Every domain is scored by NormShield for phishing check just after the registration. Phishing Score is calculated with Normshield's propriatery algorithm

Domain Feed Date
Domain Phishing Score Feed Date