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NormShield community services composed of unique services used by NormShield to analyze the cyber security risk.
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NormShield Potential Phishing Domain Search generates possible words from your domain name with specific algorithms and searches these generated names among all domain name databases. With this service, you can identify the possible fraudulent domain names registered for cyber attacks



Search your ip asset at NormShield Blacklist Service to see if your ip address is in any blacklist. Our data is collected from various resources on the net plus NormShield own honeypot systems spread all over the world. And we are expanding day by day



NormShield Breach Service helps you to identify your account has been compromised before. Search your domain or email address in our huge data. Having information about your leaked accounts allows you to quickly notify any privacy violation.



ThreatFeed provides an area where users can consistently collect and process threat data. You can freely use hundreds of fraud domains per day and aggressive ip addresses that are defined as risky from our honeypot system.


Knowledge Base

The importance of cyber awareness

Today's cyber security technologies are being produced rapidly, the attackers are working more faster than we think and this creates a competitive environment. Knowing how our presence looks from the outside in this environment will give us an advantage in defense.

What is domain phishing attack?

It is a form of attack where malicious hackers can raise their probabilities of infiltration by holding names that are very similar to the domain names of the organizations in their target, and can successfully carry out infiltration actions in this direction.

Where NormShield feeds itself?

NormShield constantly monitors data pools on the Internet and chases traces of illegal activity. We use this data in our other products as well as these free services.